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  • Creek Chub 2704 Baby Jointed Pikie with Screw Eye Under the Chin

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    Creek Chub model 2704 Baby Jointed Pikie Minnow in Golden Shiner with glass eyes. It has been used and shows wear but is a bit tough to find in this color and size.

    It is an early under chin line tie or UCLT as collectors have referred to is actually just a screw eye used to hold the lip in place and it was not intended to be a line tie at all. It can be found on the 2700 and 2600 jointed pikies. These are tougher to find and are fun to collect. You could assemble a great collection of these with just a little bit of time and effort. I believe this style came about in the mid 1920's (I suspect these were only available a short time like a year or 2 although I am uncertain) before they switched to using a simple screw in the top of the forehead. Another interesting fact is that the picture for the 2600's in the Creek Chub catalogs was shown with this screw eye under the chin even long after production of them had stopped. 

    Be sure to take a look at the model 2618 with screw eye under the chin as well I have available.