Early Fishing Lures Creek Chub, Heddon, Paw Paw, South Bend, Shakespeare Lures & MORE

                                                       Welcome to EarlyFishingLures.com 


        A graduate of Western Kentucky University I began collecting lures while in college and quickly found something that I was very passionate about. I would frequently spend any extra money I had at the NFLCC shows I attended. I went to as many shows as I possibly could as I had so much fun.

        Currently a member of the N.F.L.C.C. and F.A.T.C. I have been collecting reels and lures for over 13 years now. My main collecting interests focus on items in Excellent to New condition. I enjoy collecting various lures both in plastic and wood from many different tackle manufacturers. As I have grown in my collecting interests over the years I have begun to appreciate many items I once overlooked such as bait buckets, glass minnow traps, stringers, and the list keeps getting larger! 

        In an attempt to share what I love and to make available Excellent condition tackle to other collectors I am developing this website. Enjoy!