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  • Creek Chub Intro 700 Pikie Minnow Hand Painted Gill Marks 100+ YEARS OLD!

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    Here is another Creek Chub Intro 700 Pikie Minnow with Hand Painted Gill Marks. Missing one hook point and has a small indent midway back on right side. There are a couple unusual features on this particular bait leading me to believe it is one of the EARLIER of the INTRO made pikies. First is the longer than usual gill marks almost finding their way back to each of the perfect glass eyes on either side. Second is smaller glass eyes compared to other intro pikies, and lastly is the shoelace style metal grommet or cup washer at the rear that is larger and protrudes some from one side. These are all indicative of a very early lure. Regardless this lure is 100+ YEARS OLD, has an unmarked lip, double line tie, and is just a phenomenal piece! White areas are light reflection only. Baits like this don't come along often so don't miss your opportunity to pick it up.