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  • Creek Chub Encyclopedia 2nd Ed. Harold Smith M.D. Fishing Lure Collector's Reference Book

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    Creek Chub Encyclopedia 2nd Ed. By Harold Smith M.D. Fishing Lure Collector's Reference Book. Excellent condition! 

    This is the greatest book ever written on Creek Chub lures and the company. I have thumbed through this book over a thousand times probably (no worries I have my own copy, not this one) and I could just talk this book up over and over. The author I know personally and he pulled out all the stops on making this book. It is truly in my opinion one of the greatest books I have personally ever bought and is the end all tell all on Creek Chub. As a younger guy about 20 years ago I had the pleasure of being introduced to collecting lures and I met Dr. Smith and purchased a signed copy of his book. At the time he was still selling the 1st edition and he asked me which book I would like and I said both! He was a bit surprised but I was serious about these Creek Chub lures and if your going to be serious about collecting anything you want to learn everything you can about them and this is the absolute BEST place to start! Thank you Harold for truly a great gift to the collecting world.